The Health Care Evolution Is Here

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One thing is clear: The old health care benefits system is broken.
Employers have tried to respond to spiraling coverage costs by absorbing them and/or sharing them with employees. But no long-term solution existed, until now. Aon has created smarter, simpler, more affordable ways to offer health benefits—Aon Exchange Solutions.
What is a health exchange?
Simply put, it’s an insurance marketplace that brings together multiple carriers to compete in offering employees a choice of fully insured group plans. The results are revolutionary:

  • Predictable employer costs
  • Competitive rates and high quality
  • Greater employee choice
  • More carrier accountability

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Evolution of health care

Evolution of Health Care

  • Exchange 101

    Ken Sperling explains health exchanges and why the Corporate Health Exchange is such a positive solution for employers

    Learn about exchanges

    Ken Sperling explains health exchanges and why the Aon Active Health Exchange is such a positive solution for employers.

  • How Does Our Exchange Work?

    Thought Leadership

    A smarter health care paradigm

    The Aon Active Health Exchange creates a win-win for employers and employees through insurance carrier competition and responsibility.

  • Our Exchange Portfolio

    Our Exchange Portfolio

    Our suite of exchanges

    Aon’s range of exchange solutions gives companies flexible ways to cover employees, retirees and individuals while managing costs.

  • FAQs

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    Have a question about the Exchange?

    Find answers to common questions about the Aon Active Health Exchange, including what it is and what it isn’t.